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I’m a bit of a phone addict, like most of you I think!;-) Not like I can’t stop using it, but I’m on my phone A LOT! So here are some of my favorite apps:


Instagram: Instagram is really my favourite app! It’s so much fun to see pictures from friends or other bloggers! To see someone’s life through pictures Is really great and inspirational! As a big fan of photography it’s the most used app on my phone!


Whatsapp: Everybody knows whatsapp, the most used & best texting app EVER! It needs no explanation I think!


Total Downloader: It’s the app I use to download music! It’s the best! Normally it costs money, but I got it free through another app I used to have: One Free App A Day! I deleted it cause it mostly has really stupid childish apps. TDownloader downloads from youtube or any other music site! It’s perfect!


Youtube: I’m addicted to youtube! I love bloggers/vloggers like Zoella, Thatcher Joe & Pointlessblog! Check them & there entire friend group out! They are amazingly funny and have a life to be really jealous about! Making money with filming your life, who doesn’t want that!;-)

Wordpress logo

WordPress: Ofcourse! The app for my blog! I was in Paris for 4 days, without a computer, so I used my phone to post on my blog! So this one is VERY IMPORTANT!


Fotor: My one and only photo edit app! It’s the best! I used to only use it on my laptop, but now I’m so edited to photo editing that I downloaded it on my phone!


Facebook: Social media, who doesn’t use it! I mostly love Facebook to talk to people all around the world! It is so easy to talk to family in other country’s and see what they’re up to!


We Heart It: An app with a lot of cool pics and great quotes! I can just scroll through this app for hours! It’s really addicting! You can heart your favourites on your own page! I really recommend this one!


Twitter: I was addicted to it, then completely stopped using it, and now I love it again! It’s like a bad relationship, I keep complaining but can’t stay away from it!

LookBook Logo

LookBook: the app I told you about a few weeks back, it’s where you post max. 1 outfit a day, and you can only post outfits of your own, from head to toe! It’s so great to get feedback from other bloggers! Love it!


Snapchat: another photoapp, only this time photo’s delete after a few seconds! So funny, selfies with crazy & ugly faces! And with the new update you can even message each other! Great!


I Love Fashion News: The perfect dutch app for fashion news! You get great information from it! I love the post you get on Monday where you can look in to bloggers wardrobes! So cool! Maybe some day in a few years I’ll be on there! It all started as a website, to check it out click here.


9292: the travel app for The Netherlands! It gives you information for the train, metro, bus, boat and tram. For next year, when I go study in Diemen it’s a real need every day! For now it’s just for times I travel!

Hope you liked a quick look in my phone!

Lots of Love,


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Hi. My name is Evy, I'm 18.

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